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Timothy Bulone

TimothyBulone-Photographic Artist

Long Beach, CA


Timothy Bulone was born and raised in Southern California. He comes from a tradition of artist-workers who found ways to incorporate their love of art with their work. His background in photography began at an early age, augmented by studying art and photography at Orange Coast College. He began his professional career in the newspaper industry, shooting a wide range of news, feature and advertising photographs. Each of his pieces begins as a digital photograph but he uses the computer to render them into images that are more evocative, more sentimental. He doesn't like the words "digital art." He thinks of it as photographic art and of himself as an artist working in photography.

"I think most of us forget that we are spinning at thousands of miles per hour on a swirling blue planet in space. We forget (or maybe we were never introduced to) the absolute wonder of this Universe in which we live. The immeasurable variations of life, the sacred, stunning and majestic places, the crazy, inspiring, colorful peoples, they are all here right now! My images are simple, but what I really hope they do is capture some small part of that wonder in which we are surrounded. I think people are really ready to tap into this sense of wonder just a little more."

His works have been displayed in galleries from California to New York and sold internationally from Canada to the Arab Emirates. Businesses have also licensed his work for use in restaurants, TV shows and now, even personal checks! http://new.checkadvantage.com/timothy-bulone-checks Timothy Bulone, online professional artist, has decorative wall décor, canvas wall art, home accents, framed wall art, canvas prints, acrylic prints, framed art, standard prints, abstracts, landscape art, coastal, black and white prints, animal prints and much more online. Timothy Bulone professional artist at http://www.timothy-bulone.artistwebsites.com/galleries.htm


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